Definitely Raining

Nov 26

Definitely the End of Definitely Raining.

Grab your umbrellas…

Three years ago we both came to Vancouver (separately), with a vague idea of what this city was all about. We made this blog in our spare time for fun one day, not knowing it would take off the way it did. For that, we are grateful, and appreciative that something we created has connected with so many of you. 

Let’s look back and make it rain stats:

- We created 450+ posts.

- We had over 1.4 million page views. Considering the population of Vancouver is around 600,000 people, this is incredible. 

- We had 4500+ Tumblr, 3000+ Facebook and 6500+ Twitter fans and followers. Wowza.

- We were the number one trending topic (for Vancouver) on Twitter about a dozen different times.

- We did a collaboration with the Museum of Vancouver

- We sold umbrellas with our friends at Vancouver is Awesome. And we got published in their awesome magazine. 

- We revealed our identities at Pecha Kucha in front of 1500 people.

Through all of this, you have helped Vancouver feel more like home to us. To each and every one of you that has ever had a laugh, or shared it with a friend, we thank you. Thank you for welcoming it into your lives. We still get a kick out of seeing our umbrellas around town, or overhearing people talk about us on the bus. 

But, this is the end…

Justin has since moved to London, UK (there are no immediate plans for a And Chrissy, well, she’s still in Vancouver…for now (if you have an opportunity in a sunny climate, please get in touch here). We’re both always interested in collaborating on new fun things, so feel free to reach out to us!

Until then…thank you, Vancouver. 


Chrissy & Justin


Oct 01

Everyone in Vancouver right now.


Sep 30

When I think about how long it is till summer.


Aug 29



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When I went to Bestie.


When I go to Granville Island.


Jul 02

When summer finally arrived in Vancouver.


When I eat dinner at a Vancouver Canadians game.


When somebody says it’s too hot outside.


Every teenager downtown last night.